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Choosing the Right SEO Services Consultants for Your Business 

By the Marketing Team at SEO Counselors

Table of Contents

Engaging the services of an SEO consultant or agency

Choosing the Right SEO Services Consultants for Your Business

Onboarding an in-house SEO expert can lead to issues like insufficient capacity, steep costs, and over-reliance on one individual’s skillset. However, engaging the services of an SEO consultant or agency can offer benefits such as a wide range of expertise, up-to-date knowledge, cost savings, and a well-defined command structure.

Potential challenges with an SEO agency might still exist. They include difficulties in remote communication, the risk of being deprioritized among multiple clients, and possible transparency and trust issues. It’s essential to carefully consider these factors in relation to your specific business needs when deciding between an internal SEO expert and an SEO consultant or agency.

Table of Contents: 

  • Ability to choose projects based on personal interests 
  • Hiring an Internal SEO Expert Vs Hiring an SEO Consultant
  • Three Obstacles When Hiring an Internal SEO Expert
  • Advantages of Engaging an SEO Agency or Consultant
  • 3 Potential Drawbacks of Hiring an SEO Agency or Consultancy
  • Consultants Need to Stay Up-to-Date with Industry Trends
  • Choosing Expertise Within Chosen Niches 
  • The Challenges and Responsibilities in Consultancy 
  • FAQs: SEO Consulting Challenges 
  • Conclusion 

Ability to choose projects based on expertise

  • Selective client engagements: Most good SEO consultants are selective about which clients or projects align with their expertise and passions to ensure dedicated attention and success. 
  • Niche specialization: Most SEO consultants focus on specific industries or niches within SEO to develop specialized skills highly sought after by potential clients.
Embracing the flexibility offered by independent SEO consulting empowers you to create a partnership that aligns with your personal values, interests, and lifestyle. 

Hiring an Internal SEO Expert Vs Hiring an SEO Consultant

Three Obstacles When Hiring an Internal SEO Expert

Employing an internal SEO expert can sometimes pose unexpected challenges that might disrupt your company’s marketing plan. These obstacles can include:
  1. Insufficient Capacity
  2. Steep Costs
  3. Over-Reliance
Insufficient Capacity Having a single SEO-focused individual on your team can potentially lead to an overextension of resources. An internal SEO expert would typically need to balance numerous KPIs and duties, which can be overwhelming if not managed efficiently. This scarcity of resources could harm the business in the long run.
In addition, if only one person is catering to the SEO needs of all company departments, the pace of work might be slower than desired, causing potential delays.
Steep Costs Onboarding an internal employee involves significant costs and time. Not only does the recruitment process for a specialized SEO expert consume time, but you also need to factor in the cost of salary and benefits for a full-time position.
The solution might appear to be hiring several internal SEO experts to form a dedicated SEO team. However, this, in turn, would be a considerable financial commitment.
Over-Reliance The over-reliance on a single individual for your SEO strategy can also create difficulties.
If your internal SEO expert’s skills are inadequate, it will likely affect your company’s performance and search engine rankings. However, if they’re the only resource capable of providing SEO services, you might find yourself in a bind.
For instance, your internal SEO expert might excel at organic search and link building, but might only be mediocre when it comes to copywriting and content generation.
Such a skills gap could affect other projects, but given your commitment to this employee, your company might find itself cornered.

Advantages of Engaging an SEO Agency or Consultant

SEO agencies and consultants can bring a vast amount of expertise to their clients. Here are several advantages of engaging the services of an SEO agency:
  • Broad Spectrum of Skills
  • Current and Informed Teams
  • Reduced Costs
  • Hierarchical Structure

Broad Spectrum of Skills

An SEO consultancy or agency is comprised of diverse specialists who concentrate on distinct areas of SEO, ensuring all elements of your SEO strategy are professionally managed. This variety of SEO experts can address any potential capacity issues that may occur with an in-house SEO specialist.
An SEO agency’s experience across different organizations can offer a fresh perspective. Additionally, SEO firms often house specialists for other areas of digital marketing, such as Pay-Per-Click (PPC), that your business might require.

Current and Informed Teams

SEO agencies are usually at the forefront of industry knowledge, keeping up with emerging technology trends and algorithm changes, which might be challenging for an in-house SEO specialist.
Because of their experience and preparedness, SEO agencies can potentially deliver projects and deliverables faster than in-house marketing support. These industry insights can provide your company with enhanced guidance and support towards achieving your business goals.

Reduced Costs

While your company is investing in an SEO agency, you’re also saving on internal hiring costs and time. You won’t need to allocate resources for professional development or SEO tools, as the agency should already be equipped and skilled in these areas.

Hierarchical Structure

Challenges are bound to arise when working with any external partner, including SEO campaigns. Having access to the leadership team at the SEO firm can help quickly address and resolve issues. Should an SEO firm not deliver the desired results, you have the option to end the collaboration and seek a more suitable and cost-effective agency.

3 Potential Drawbacks of Hiring an SEO Agency or Consultancy

While SEO agencies can provide abundant resources, there are potential downsides to choosing an agency over an in-house SEO specialist.
  • Remote Communication
  • One Among Many Clients
  • Potential Lack of Transparency and Trust

Remote Communication

Geographical differences can pose a challenge when hiring an SEO agency. If the agency operates in a different time zone, coordinating meetings and prioritizing tasks can be difficult. While face-to-face interactions are often beneficial, it’s not advisable to limit your options to local agencies alone. A local agency may not necessarily be the best fit, and working with them just for the convenience of in-person meetings won’t ensure success. When outsourcing, be ready to adapt to the SEO agency’s schedule.

One Among Many Clients

SEO firms handle numerous clients, and while they should be capable of managing various projects, it’s not always guaranteed. Your SEO project could be relegated to a lower priority if the agency doesn’t view it as crucial. While good SEO agencies should communicate openly about project delays, direct communication with an in-house team member can often be quicker and more efficient.

Potential Lack of Transparency and Trust

Numerous agencies promise superior SEO services, but some may resort to black hat techniques that can damage a business. Finding a suitable SEO firm takes time, and once you’ve identified the right one, establishing trust is essential. Reviewing their services and past work can help ensure you’re partnering with a reputable agency. Customer testimonials can also offer insight into whether they are a trustworthy organization.

Consultants Need to Stay Up-to-Date with Industry Trends 

Continuous education is crucial in the ever-evolving world of SEO. Attend webinars, read blogs, and enroll in online courses to stay informed and equipped with cutting-edge tools and tactics. 
  • Blogs: Follow top industry blogs like Search Engine Journal or Moz Blog to stay updated on recent news and advancements. 
  • Courses: Enroll in comprehensive online courses covering essential topics like keyword research, technical SEO optimization, and content marketing strategy. 
  • Tools: Use credible sources like Google Analytics and SEMrush to analyze data and gain insights into your clients’ websites. 
By continuously learning and adapting, independent SEO consultants can become more versatile professionals and provide better services to their clients. 

Choosing Expertise Within Chosen Niches 

Choosing consultants that specialize in specific niches allows for tailored solutions that cater to your unique needs, therefore enhancing communication and delivering a better product. 

The Challenges and Responsibilities in Consultancy 

SEO consultants manage administrative tasks like billing, client onboarding, and project management which add to the costs of consulting. If your consultant doesn’t add these services into their cost, look for someone else.

FAQs: SEO Consulting Challenges 

The Challenges of SEO 

Staying updated on ever-changing search engine algorithms, creating high-quality content that appeals to both users and search engines, building a strong backlink profile, optimizing website speed and mobile-friendliness, and analyzing data for continuous improvement are the main challenges of SEO.

The 3 Factors That Determine SEO Success or Failure 

The quality of content, technical optimization, and off-page optimization are the three key factors that influence SEO success or failure.

Why SEO Is So Difficult 

SEO is difficult because it requires expertise in multiple areas such as content creation, technical optimization, link building strategies, keyword research, analytics interpretation, and adaptation to constant algorithm updates by search engines like Google.

The Importance of SEO Consulting 

SEO consulting plays a crucial role in helping businesses improve their online visibility by identifying opportunities for growth through expert analysis of current performance metrics and providing actionable recommendations on optimizing websites’ technical aspects while creating effective marketing strategies focused on organic traffic generation.

Hidden Benefits of Hiring an SEO Consultant 

Most people hear someone say they are going to do some planning as a project hold up and money vacuum but this is one of the most misunderstood areas of any consultancy. Professionals plan. Any consultant that is willing to skip planning is not a professional. Planning is not negotiable. Stabbing at the low hanging fruit of SEO tasks will work temporarily but not in the long run.
Having a web strategy or marketing strategy written and completed is the only way a team of people can work together efficiently towards a common goal. So, when you hear your SEO consultant mention planning or strategy, breath a sigh of relief not of frustration. 

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