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What the PROMPT is going on in digital marketing? EVERYTHING! We have been perfecting Search Engine Optimization since the 1990s and lot has changed since then but recently, the game has completely changed.

Businesses might have 2 years to dominate with content before everyone else catches on and that’s not all. If you don’t know what a prompt pack is and  how to use it, you will be out performed and outmaneuvered in about 6 months by your competition.

You won’t find an endless list of services from us but our specialties are powerful.  Beautiful websites and competitive ranking from SEO is still part of the growth game. We provide exceptional websites and and our Local SEO plans get the results you need.

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Chase Binnie


Chase is from Saint Cloud, Minnesota, where he spent many days with friends exploring the Beaver Islands in Mississippi River. He has traveled extensively throughout Latin America and leads a minimalist lifestyle. 

He is married to his wife Samantha, a Master’s in Education, and they are raising their two daughters in Northwest Arkansas. He loves mountain biking, vegan food, performing arts, and engaging in meaningful conversations about how to create value in our communities. 

Stephanie Monty

Interim COO

Stephanie Monty is the Interim COO at SEO Counselors. She is responsible for all operations, hiring, management, marketing & strategy. She also directs the Web Dept. & SEO Dept and handles sales. 

Steph has 15 years’ experience in the marketing world where she has specialized in web strategy, all things WordPress, E-commerce and data architecture. The world of small to medium sized businesses is where she shines.

Steph is a tech and ops wizard. She is as comfortable in the coding side of a website as she is explaining SEO analytics. 

Steph is married & lives in Taylor, Texas (just outside of Austin. In her free time, Steph enjoys finding cool rocks, building contraptions for her cats & collecting more cats.

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Jacob Highley

SEO Specialist

Jacob Highley is the SEO Expert on the team at SEO Counselors. He is responsible for all SEO clients’ initial SEM/SEO strategies and the monthly tasks that bring those strategies to life.

Jacob is an experienced Digital Marketer & SEO Specialist known for innovative strategies with a track record of success. He specializes in helping raise the quality of a company’s branding to achieve its overall marketing goals and hit all target KPIs.

Jacob lives in Bonners Ferry, ID, and enjoys watching movies, dining out, and spending time with his wife Julie (With a baby on the way!) 

In SEO, he focuses on increasing engagement and creating/perfecting content to meet the constantly evolving standards of every industry.

Overall, Jacob prides himself on being a results-driven problem solver.

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If you don't know WHAT THE PROMPT is going on in digital marketing, book a time to chat now! Don't let the waves of change put your business under water.