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Pay-Per-Click Advertising

By the Marketing Team at SEO Counselors

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Many companies still don’t fully understand the benefits of using Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. With billions of searches being performed on a daily basis, getting your name on the top of just a fraction of those searches could equate to millions in sales revenue.

The beauty of Pay-Per-Click is that you only pay for it when someone clicks on it – thus Pay-Per-Click. It sounds easy but again, many companies don’t make the most out of their PPC campaigns. There are many things to know and understand in order to create a powerful PPC marketing campaign. Here are three areas where using Pay-Per-Click is a good idea:

Startup Companies – if a business is just starting out and their website is new, chances are they won’t be getting any top page placement in the search engines for a while. PPC can place ads for them on the top pages to keep their name out there until the site grows on its own.

Poorly Built or Maintained Websites – If a company site has a low quality or older website that has not been updated or optimized, the chance of them getting onto the top pages of the search engines is very low. This would be a good candidate for PPC ads to show up with the competition.

Extra Focus – Companies that are having a new product release, sales or are just trying to bring extra attention to a product or service can benefit from PPC. The larger the impact the better the chances for a larger market share.

Keep in mind that organic search results (getting on the top page naturally or without having to pay) far outweighs Pay-Per-Click advertising. That’s not to say that companies shouldn’t use PPC. If a company does go with a PPC campaign it is important that they make the most of it, otherwise it can be more costly that profitable.

Usually what happens is a company gives the PPC management task to a low paid employee who is then responsible for creating high revenue sales from those ads. Most companies don’t even realize that they can hire a PPC company to manage their campaigns and get better results for a fraction of the cost.

SEO & Website Services has been managing Pay-Per-Click ads for companies all over the globe. Working with SEO & Website Services has many benefits and for many organizations it can be the most effective form of advertising. This is because unlimited ads can be created for the exact search phrase that the target market is searching for. Here are some other benefits:

Extremely Cost-Effective

It doesn’t matter what size company you are, Pay-Per-Click advertising is not like conventional ads where they run and you pay for them whether they work or not. Pay-Per-Click only charges only when your ad is clicked on. You can be all over the top pages of the search engines all day long keeping your name out there but is nobody clicks on it you get charged nothing.

Build A Brand

There is no other way to get your brand in front of hundreds of millions of potential clients than on the internet in the search engines. Again you only pay for those ads that are clicked on while your name, product or service stays in plain view. Our Pay-Per-Click services can create unlimited campaigns for the exact audience you are looking to attract.

Target Your Marketing Efforts

Pay-Per-Click ads can be targeted to a host of different markets, areas, genders, etc. The key is to know exactly where you want to be found and then make the most out of those specific efforts. This is important so that you can make the most out of your Pay-Per-Click budget and not waste your efforts on faulty pages of the search engines.

Pay-Per-Click is Easy

Pay-Per-Click campaigns are fast and easy to set up if you know what you are doing. A PPC campaign can be set up almost instantly and deployed can be developed and tracked in no time. The key is to take the time and create the strategy and plan to manage the campaign. This upfront work will save time and money while creating better quality PPC results.

SEO & Website Services works with all kinds of companies managing and guiding them with their Pay-Per-Click advertising. If you would like to learn more about our Pay-Per-Click Services fill out the secure contact form below and introduce yourself. We’ll be happy to speak with you about all your PPC options.


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